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  • Will You Have to Pay Restitution?
    Will You Have to Pay Restitution?

    When innocent people are victims of crimes in Orange County and throughout California, they have the right to be repaid for the losses they suffered as a result of the crime. Victims of crimes are ...

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  • What is Restitution?
    What is Restitution?

    If you are facing criminal charges in California and you are convicted, there is a possibility that you will have to pay what’s called “restitution.” Restitution is money paid to crime victims by ...

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  • What is Restitution in California?
    What is Restitution in California?

    If you’re facing criminal charges in Orange County or anywhere else in California, you’re likely aware of the fact that you could be facing criminal fines, jail or prison time, community service and ...

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