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  • Heroin Charges in California
    Heroin Charges in California

    Heroin is technically an opioid drug that’s made from morphine. Morphine is not artificially manufactured in a lab; instead it gets its roots from the seeds of opium poppies grown in Colombia, Mexico, ...

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  • California's Drug Courts
    California's Drug Courts

    Were you recently arrested for possession or another drug offense in Orange County? If so, we want to tell you about California’s Drug Courts and how they may be of interest to you. Before we begin, ...

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  • About California's Drug Courts
    About California's Drug Courts

    You’ve probably heard people complain about the penalties for drug possession offenses: “Jail doesn’t help. What these people really need is rehabilitation. Drug possession is a sign of a deeper ...

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  • Penalties for Drug Possession in California
    Penalties for Drug Possession in California

    Are you facing drug possession charges in Orange County, or anywhere else in California? If so, and this is your first drug offense, you’re probably wondering, “What types of penalties am I facing if ...

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