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  • Failure to Appear in Orange County
    Failure to Appear in Orange County

    What is a failure to appear under California law? Remember when the peace officer handed you a ticket and asked you to sign it? By signing the ticket, you promised to appear in court (called an ...

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  • Arrest Warrants in Orange County
    Arrest Warrants in Orange County

    What is an arrest warrant? It’s an official court document that a judge signs, authorizing the police to arrest the person named in the warrant. There are different ways that a warrant can be issued: ...

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  • Can I Bring My Children to Court?
    Can I Bring My Children to Court?

    If you were recently arrested for a crime in Orange County, California, you can expect to attend a series of court appearances. Unfortunately, court appearances are not “optional.” So, if you have ...

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  • Orange County Police Investigations
    Orange County Police Investigations

    Most people are familiar with local law enforcement, detectives, and arrest warrants – after all, they’re frequently represented in TV shows like Law and Order, and CSI. Most people aren’t however, ...

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  • Orange County Arrest Warrants
    Orange County Arrest Warrants

    Last month, we talked about arrests and court appearances and what happens when a criminal defendant “fails to appear” in court. One of the consequences of a “ failure to appear ,” is the court issues ...

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