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Juvenile Delinquency in Orange County

If your son or daughter is currently included in a juvenile delinquency case in Orange County, this means that he or she is not only in trouble, but they’re being accused of breaking the law. In this situation, the court is going to be examining the specifics of your child’s case, such as your child’s age, the seriousness of the crime, and whether your son or daughter has a criminal record.

After the court carefully evaluates your child’s case, it can order:

  • Your child is to continue living at home but under the court’s supervision.
  • Your child is to be placed on probation, but he or she may not be allowed to live with you. Your child to go live in a foster home, with a family member, or in an institution.
  • Your child is to be placed on probation and sent to live someplace else, such as a ranch or camp for troubled youth.
  • Your child is to be housed in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice.

Note: If your son or daughter is tried in adult court, he or she will be treated like an adult. Meaning, they can be sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Adult Operations, to carry out their sentence.


Whenever a minor is arrested any number of things can happen: The police can record the arrest and send the child home. The child can be sent to an agency that will counsel and care for the child. The child can be “cited back” to the police station. Meaning, he or she is told to come back to the station.

Additionally, the child’s parents and the child can be given a Notice to Appear, or the child can be placed in juvenile hall in what’s called “detention.” If this happens, your child can make at least two calls within the first hour of being arrested. One call has to be to a parent, guardian, family member or boss. The second call has to be to an attorney.

For minors age 15 or younger, by law, they are supposed to talk to an attorney before they waive their Miranda Rights or talk to the police.

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