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Failure to Appear in Orange County

What is a failure to appear under California law? Remember when the peace officer handed you a ticket and asked you to sign it? By signing the ticket, you promised to appear in court (called an arraignment) by the date indicated on the ticket. By providing your signature, you provided the court with a written promise that you would appear.

If you fail to appear in court by the due date listed on the bottom of your ticket, you violate this written promise to the court. In effect, the court can find you guilty of a misdemeanor offense. If you do nothing, you could face additional fees, legal action and a warrant for your arrest. If you failed to appear in court by the due date, you should seek the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Failure to Comply with a Court Order or Pay a Fine

When a court imposes a fine or issues a court order, the person subject to the fine or court order must comply by the due date. If such a person fails to pay a court-ordered fine, or if they fail to comply with a court order; for example, an order to complete a set number of community service hours, the person can be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Did you fail to follow a court order or pay a court-ordered fine? If so, you cannot sit back and do nothing. The court will not forget about you; it will target you eventually. To avoid a warrant for your arrest and additional fines, contact our office for help. We may be able to help you obtain an extension so you can have more time to pay your fine or comply with the court order. The court may allow you to make installment payments toward your fine.

Note: If you fail to pay a ticket in full, it can result in serious consequences. The debt can be sent to collections, your wages and bank accounts can be garnished, and a lien can be placed on your personal residence.

What if There is a Warrant for My Arrest?

If a significant period of time has elapsed since your due date to pay a fine or comply with a court order, you may already have a warrant for your arrest. If you do, you’ll need to clear the warrant. This may involve: posting bail with the court or a law enforcement agency, posting bail and seeing if the court can forfeit it, or asking the judge who issued the warrant to kindly clear it.

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