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What is Restitution?

If you are facing criminal charges in California and you are convicted, there is a possibility that you will have to pay what’s called “restitution.” Restitution is money paid to crime victims by criminal defendants. The money is meant to help crime victims recover some of their losses.

In fact, crime victims can ask the court to order offenders to pay them restitution, which the California Courts define as, “The act of restoring or giving the equivalent value to compensate for an injury, damage, or loss.” In addition, crime victims can contact the Victim/Witness Assistance Center in their county for help.


As of this writing, California has 59 Victim Witness Assistance Centers throughout the state. Each county, including Orange County, has a center for crime victims. These centers not only assist victims, but they work with the California Victim Compensation Program to provide additional assistance and support.

“Orange County has always been at the forefront of victims’ rights and criminal law reform. We in law enforcement dedicate our service to all those harmed by crime to bring justice, to fight your fight, and to defend your rights.” ~ Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney of Orange County


California crime victims have what is called a Victim’s Bill of Rights, which is also known as “Marsy’s Law,” which was enacted in 2008. Victims of criminal cases are entitled to these rights under Article 1, §28(b) of the California Constitution:

  • The right to be treated fairly and with respect for their privacy and dignity.
  • The right to be free from abuse, harassment, and intimidation.
  • The right to be protected from the defendant who harmed them.
  • The right to have their safety, and the safety of their family considered when the amount of bail is set, or when the defendant has conditions for their release imposed.
  • The right to refuse to be interviewed.
  • The right to be heard upon request at any proceeding that involves sentencing, a post-arrest release, a post-conviction release, or any other proceeding that may affect the victim’s well-being.
  • And so on.

We hope this information has helped you understand victims’ rights. If you’re facing criminal charges in Orange County, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry Inc.