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  • California Traffic Ticket Basics
    California Traffic Ticket Basics

    The State of California has multiple reasons to closely monitor California drivers and their driving behaviors. With so many people on our roadways, we want to keep roadway users safe and one of the ...

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  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders in California
    Civil Harassment Restraining Orders in California

    Has someone obtained a civil harassment restraining order against you or have they threatened to get one? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about the effects of a civil harassment ...

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  • What is a Dismissal?
    What is a Dismissal?

    Criminal records are a real pain. They make it difficult to find housing. They make it difficult to land a good job. And, they can lead to the cancellation, revocation, or denial of professional ...

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  • What is Restitution?
    What is Restitution?

    If you are facing criminal charges in California and you are convicted, there is a possibility that you will have to pay what’s called “restitution.” Restitution is money paid to crime victims by ...

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  • Dismissals for Marijuana Convictions in CA
    Dismissals for Marijuana Convictions in CA

    Californians everywhere celebrated when marijuana possession for personal use (up to 28.5 grams) became legal for adults age eighteen and older. While possession for personal use is legal, it doesn’t ...

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