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Arrest Warrants in Orange County

What is an arrest warrant? It’s an official court document that a judge signs, authorizing the police to arrest the person named in the warrant. There are different ways that a warrant can be issued: It can be issued when the police are investigating a suspect and they gather enough evidence to press charges against him or her. It can be issued when a defendant fails to appear in court (this is called a bench warrant). An arrest warrant can also be issued when a defendant fails to do something the court instructed them to do, like complete community service.

In California, if the court orders you to do any of the following and you fail to keep your end of the bargain, it could result in a warrant for your arrest being issued:

  • Complete community service
  • Complete a drug or alcohol program
  • Perform volunteer work

Probation Violations Can Lead to an Arrest

Another reason for an arrest warrant is a probation or parole violation. For example, if you’re put on probation and you fail to complete one or more conditions of your probation, you can be arrested and brought before a judge to answer for your probation violation (PV). Here are some of the common probation violations:

  • Failure to pay a court-ordered fine
  • Failure to pay restitution to victims
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Committing a new crime while on probation
  • Leaving the area without your PO’s approval
  • Refusing or failure to complete a drug test (a common probation requirement)
  • Failure to report to your probation officer as ordered by the court
  • Possessing a firearm when you’re prohibited from having one

If you knowingly and intentionally violate a domestic violence restraining order, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. If you fail to comply with a court order, usually what follows is a mandatory court appearance, new criminal charges being filed by the prosecutor, a DMV hold on your driver’s license (you can’t drive), and finally, a warrant being issued for your arrest.

To find out if there is an arrest warrant in your name in Orange County, California, click here to search the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s active warrants. If you believe you’re subject to an active warrant, contact our firm immediately for help!