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Will My Orange County Case Get Dismissed?

If you are facing criminal charges, we’re guessing that your life seems to have come to a pause, especially if you’re facing felony charges. Right about now, your freedom and your future are hanging by a thread. If you have a family, you’re rightfully concerned about their welfare.

Will you go to jail or prison? Will you be ordered to pay thousands in fines? Will you go on probation or parole? There are definitely a lot of uncertainties right now, and you’re at the beginning of a serious battle, but don’t think all hope is lost.

The worst part about your situation is fear of the unknown. Once you grasp the nature of your charges and the tactics that prosecutors employ, you can begin to strategize. You can begin to put your knowledge to work so you can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Why You Can’t Count on a Dismissal

Whether you’re accused of simple assault, burglary, or first-degree murder, both the judge and prosecutor have the power to dismiss criminal charges against you, and there are various reasons why this is. For example, as criminal lawyers, we strive to get cases thrown out due to lack of evidence. We also strive to get cases dismissed due to search and seizure violations.

Sometimes, the statute of limitations for a crime has expired – so that’s another valid reason to get a charge dismissed. Even though it’s important to be optimistic in the face of criminal charges, you do not want to have false hope; depending on a dismissal is simply a bad idea.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You may feel strongly that the charges against you are completely bogus, that they will get thrown out of court, but that is no reason to forgo legal representation. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot rely on a miraculous dismissal that may never come.

If someone is falsely accusing you, or if the accusations are “dreamed up” by someone who has it out for you, all the more reason to have an experienced defense attorney by your side. Otherwise, you could be punished for something you didn’t do.

Although there are some great public defenders out there, they are often overloaded with cases and can’t give defendants the same time and attention that private defense attorneys can. The best way to protect your rights and to have individualized attention is to get a private Orange County criminal defense lawyer from our firm by your side.

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