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Orange County Arrest Warrants

Last month, we talked about arrests and court appearances and what happens when a criminal defendant “fails to appear” in court. One of the consequences of a “failure to appear,” is the court issues a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

It happens – sometimes people miss their scheduled court dates and the reasons for missing their court dates vary. A defendant may have forgotten all about their court date, or they may have had trouble getting a ride to court. Or, they may have stayed home intentionally because they were afraid of going to jail.

Unless the defendant was in an accident or suffered a heart attack and raced to the hospital in an ambulance on the day of their scheduled court date, the court does not care “why” the person missed their court appearance. All the court is concerned about is that the defendant failed to show up at the scheduled day and time.

When a criminal defendant fails to appear in court, what typically happens is the court issues a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If you fail to appear in court, any of the following can happen:

  • A warrant for your arrest can be issued.
  • If you’re on probation, it can be revoked.
  • You can face an additional “failure to appear” charge.
  • You may face additional fines and sentencing in addition to your original criminal charge.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

What should you do about your arrest warrant?

If you failed to appear in court for a criminal or traffic case, we urge you to contact our firm for legal advice. We can answer all of your questions and advise you on how to take care of the warrant right away.

If the DMV placed your driver’s license or registration on hold, you may be able to clear or release the hold after paying the full bail amount. Once you pay the bail, the court will go ahead and inform the DMV within 10 days, notifying the DMV of your compliance.

To give more detailed advice, we’d need to take a look at the specifics of your case. For the immediate help you need, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. to speak with an Orange County criminal defense lawyer for free.