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Failure to Comply with a Court Order

When Californians violate a traffic law or break another one of the state’s statutes, they will be ordered by the court to take certain steps. For example, someone who is in trouble with the law may be ordered to pay a fine, perform community service, pay restitution to their victims, successfully complete a DUI Program, or enter rehab.

Suppose you are in trouble because you broke the law. If you fail to pay your fine, or if you do not comply with one of the orders made by the court by the deadline; for example, you fail to perform community service, you could commit a new crime and be guilty of a misdemeanor offense.

Let’s say that you were unable to pay your fine, or you didn’t complete your community service hours. Now, you’re afraid that the court is going to issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This is a reasonable fear, because if you don’t confront this issue head-on, officers could wind up at your front door at the crack of dawn, offering you a ride to court.

Penalties for Disobeying a Court Order

This is what could happen if you ignore your fine or otherwise fail to obey a court order:

  • A warrant for your arrest can be issued
  • You may face a civil assessment, an additional fine
  • Your past-due fines can be sent to collections
  • Your driver’s license and registration can be suspended

“How do I handle a warrant for my arrest?” There are several options, including posting bail with a local law enforcement agency, posting bail with the appropriate court and asking them to schedule a court date, and posting bail with the court but asking if the court can “forfeit” your bail (keep your bail and close the case). Our advice is to speak with a criminal defense lawyer from our firm before deciding on which route to take.

If you had a ticket and you did not pay your fine, the court can send it to a collection agency. The court can also garnish your wages or bank accounts, and place a lien on your home – you want to avoid these at all costs. If you are in trouble because you failed to pay a ticket or comply with a court order, contact our office to meet with an Orange County criminal attorney for free.