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  • What is Bail in California?
    What is Bail in California?

    Often, when people think of an arrest, they picture the defendant handcuffed and jailed until their trial concludes and the defendant is found “guilty” or “not guilty.” While that happens sometimes, ...

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  • Can I Be Deported for Domestic Violence?
    Can I Be Deported for Domestic Violence?

    Are you a Green Card holder, otherwise known as a lawful permanent resident? If you have a Green Card and you commit certain offenses, you could be placed in removal proceedings. Once a Green Card ...

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  • Failure to Comply with a Court Order
    Failure to Comply with a Court Order

    When Californians violate a traffic law or break another one of the state’s statutes, they will be ordered by the court to take certain steps. For example, someone who is in trouble with the law may ...

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  • Dismissals in California
    Dismissals in California

    When people are convicted of crimes, they face a series of negative consequences and the stigma of a criminal record. Because a criminal record can seriously affect a person’s employment ...

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  • What Happens if I Ignore My Ticket?
    What Happens if I Ignore My Ticket?

    Oh tickets, they can be extremely frustrating, especially when people lack the funds to pay them. The system however, is set up so people have little choice but to pay their tickets. If you get a ...

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