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Public Defenders vs. Private Lawyers in Orange County

A lot of people have a misunderstanding about public defenders; they think that they are available to more people than they actually are. For example, when someone is arrested for a crime in Orange County, they may assume that because they don’t have a high paying job, they automatically qualify for a public defender when in fact that’s not necessarily the case.

Generally, if someone is charged with a crime and he or she cannot afford a private criminal defense attorney, the court can appoint them a public defender. However, the defendant will usually have to submit a financial declaration to determine if they qualify.

According to the Offices of the Orange county Public Defender, “Generally, the person seeking representation must be indigent.” What is indigent? Merriam Webster defines indigent as, “suffering from extreme poverty.”

What is Your Personal Situation?

If you are facing criminal charges in Orange County for the first time, you may be wondering, “Am I entitled to a public defender?” It all depends on whether your income is low enough to qualify for one. Even if you do qualify, you still may want to consider hiring a private criminal defense lawyer, and here’s why:

  • While they may be great attorneys, public defenders are typically overburdened with cases.
  • Private defense lawyers have more time and resources to dedicate to their clients’ cases.
  • Generally, the best private defense attorneys are readily accessible, whereas a public defender may not be as easy to reach due to their hectic schedules.

Are you under investigation, or have you already been arrested? If “yes,” now is the time to speak with a criminal defense attorney. If you do not qualify for a public defender because you earn too much, or if your family is encouraging you to hire a private defense lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. immediately to speak with one of our attorneys.

We can help you understand your rights, and the potential outcomes of your case. The courts will understand your desire to speak to an attorney; your free consultation with us will be 100 percent confidential so give us a call today!