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Probation in Orange County, CA

If you, or someone you love was recently arrested for a crime in Orange County, California, you will be interested in learning more about probation, what it is, and what it can do for criminal defendants. When someone is placed on probation, they are “supervised” in the community by a probation officer (PO). OC offenders are placed on probation after they are released from jail.

Probation is a sentencing alternative available to judges, which allows offenders to return to the community where they can work and financially support their families. Probationers can continue to earn a living, they can pay taxes, and pay victim restitution (where applicable). According to the Orange County Probation Department, its probation officers supervise about 15,000 adult and juvenile probationers on average.

Benefits of probation vs. incarceration:

  • Helps crime victims by collecting restitution.
  • Reduces the number of families on public assistance while their loved ones are imprisoned.
  • Helps the community by performing community service.
  • Helps the offender become a productive member of society.
  • Allows the offender to be at home with their family.

Consequences of Probation Violations

When offenders are placed on probation, they are given a set of terms and conditions to follow. Common conditions of probation include: 1) do not break the law, 2) submit to random drug testing, 3) do not use illegal drugs, 4) stay gainfully employed, 5) support one’s family, 6) pay victim restitution and court-ordered fines, and 7) do not leave the area without the probation officer’s permission among others.

If a probationer violates his or her conditions of probation, they will be held accountable. A probation officer can send the violator back to court for a “probation violation,” which could result in incarceration. If the violator is penalized, it could mean additional sanctions, such as increased reporting and testing, community service, and being referred to a Day Reporting Center. For more information on probation in OC, click here.

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