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The Misuse of Snitches in Orange County Jail System is Exposed

Since 1989, 923 exonerations have been tied to official misconduct of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other officials of the government according to statistics reported by the National Registry of Exonerations. Of these 923, 89 of the exonerations have utilized the use of snitches in the jailhouse. According to sources, over the past two years, these types of scandals have been occurring frequently throughout Orange County. Now, these jailhouses are under examination for the violation of defendants’ constitutional rights to determine whether or not some felony prosecutions are considered illegal.

Sources state that the unconstitutional use of snitches in the Orange County jail system is extremely similar to a scandal that began in Los Angeles County in the 1970s. The scandal in LA County created a grand jury report that listed ample amount of abuse and misuse of snitches and exposed problematic prosecution tactics in over 200 cases.

According to one of the United States’ leading experts on the use of snitches in jail systems and a law professor from Loyola Law School, located in Los Angeles, Orange County government officials and law enforcement officers do not see these types of situations as scandals. Instead, she believes officials view these as business tactics only. She adds that from the outside, these occurrences are scandals and should never be repeated.

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