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Can Felons Have Their Charges Reduced to Vote in the Presidential Election?

Individuals with felonious records carry a lifetime of consequences and penalties. While most understand the various fines a felon may face, fewer people understand the everlasting effects such as the inability to vote in presidential elections. For some, this can feel like a total loss of freedom. Thankfully, there is hope for some individuals with felony records.

Under California State Penal Code 17(b), a person can have their felony reduced to a misdemeanor in order to restore their voting rights. However, not all persons with felony records are eligible for such reductions. To help you better understand how a felon can have their charge reduced to a misdemeanor, our Orange County criminal defense lawyers have answered some questions, which can be found below:

1. What Are Some Other Benefits of Having My Felony Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

There is a wide range of benefits you can receive if your felony charge is reduced, such as the following:

  • You do not have to provide information on documents stating you have been convicted of a felony.
  • You can increase the chances of obtaining a job, housing, and financial loans.
  • You can restore your right to own firearms.
  • You can restore your right to serve on a jury.

2. What Requirements Must Be Met Before My Felony Conviction is Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

According to state laws, there are two requirements that must be fulfilled before your felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor, which are listed below:

  • The offense must be considered a wobbler.
  • You must have been granted probation.

3. What is a Wobbler?

A wobbler is an offense that can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Of course, this is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the circumstances the crime. Some examples of wobblers have been listed below:

  • Battery on spouse
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession of controlled substance
  • Grand theft

4. What Things Will a Court Consider When Deciding Whether My Felony Should Be Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

There are various factors a court will consider before deciding whether your felony should be reduced to a misdemeanor. Some of these factors may include:

  • The nature of the offense
  • The behavior you exhibit while on probation
  • Your criminal record before the offense

5. Should I Retain a Lawyer if I am Considering Having My Felony Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

If you have been charged with a felony offense and would like to vote in the upcoming presidential election or would simply like to restore your rights, it is crucial you contact our Orange Country criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. right away. We can examine your case and answer any questions you may have regarding your ability to have your charge expunged. Because we believe most individuals deserve a second chance to obtain a positive and prosperous future, we defend the rights of those who have been accused. No matter what your case may be, our team can help.

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