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Failure to Appear in Court, Orange County

Whenever someone is arrested on criminal charges, they will generally need to appear in court. If you were arrested for a crime in Orange County and you’re scheduled to appear in court, you must take your court appearance seriously, because we can assure you that the court sure is.

The court is not concerned if you have to be at work on the day of your scheduled court appearance, and it’s not concerned if you have non-refundable airline tickets to someplace overseas. Unless you’re rushed to the hospital in an ambulance on your court date, you pretty much don’t have any excuses.

What if I don’t show up in court?

As a general rule, criminal matters will require a defendant to appear in court, unless the court advises differently. If you forget all about your court appearance, or if your wedding was scheduled on the same day, or if you go to work instead, a warrant will likely be issued for your arrest.

If you “fail to appear in court,” adverse actions can be taken out against you, including:

  • As mentioned above, a warrant will be issued for your arrest,
  • Your driver’s license will probably be suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles,
  • You will face an additional criminal charge for “failing to appear,” which can mean additional fines and penalties, such as jail time,
  • If you posted bail or bond, it would likely be forfeited,
  • You may be assessed a civil penalty under Penal Code Section 1214.1(a) for failing to appear
  • You could be referred to a collection agency, which could result in wage and/or bank garnishments as well as levies.

If you failed to appear for a scheduled court date and there is now a warrant for your arrest, we suggest that you immediately contact our Orange County criminal defense firm for legal advice. We understand how these things can happen, but unfortunately the penalties can be grave and you want to take action before things spiral out of control.

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