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The Move Toward Drug Crime Reform & What is Means in the Criminal Justice System

Recently, there has been much discussion regarding drug crime reform. In fact, three individuals running for the 2016 presidential election have declared their support for such change:

  • United States Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, vocalized his support on the legalization of marijuana, stating that too many peoples’ live are being ruined by non-violent offenses.
  • Hillary Clinton admitted that she backs the use of medical marijuana.
  • Jim Webb spoke about his effort to reform America’s prison policies, saying that drug users and mentally ill persons take up too much room in prisons where more violent criminals should be held.

Additional efforts to reform drug crime penalties and punishments are constantly being pursued, both federally and in states across the country. Republican members in the U.S. Senate touched on the marijuana law reformation in their latest spending package, which included the following:

  • Barring the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from undermining California’s state laws regarding the medical use of marijuana
  • Requiring the Veterans Administration to permit veterans use of marijuana for medical purposes
  • Disallowing the Treasury Department from hindering banks from providing checking accounts to state-legalized marijuana dispensaries
  • Removing the congressional bad that prevents Washington, D.C. from regulating and taxing marijuana and marijuana products as they do with alcohol

Currently, the drug crime reform is receiving support from both democrats and republicans. Many feel this is a sign that many lawmakers are realizing the war on drugs and harsh punishment of nonviolent drug offenders is not working. This new reformation can opens the door to new ways of prosecuting and dealing with drug crimes in the criminal justice system.

Prop 47 Can Help Charged and Convicted Victims

Because of the new efforts to reform drug crime laws, punishments, and penalties, a proposition that was approved by California voters on November 4, 2010 reduced many felony drug crimes to misdemeanors. Additionally, under proposition 47, a person arrested for possession of illegal drugs for personal use may be eligible to participate in diversion programs that can help them secure treatment and avoid criminal records.

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