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California Judges Adopt Rule to End "Pay First, Fight Later" Traffic Tickets

In the past, motorists who received traffic tickets in counties across California were required to pay up before challenging them in court. With the adoption of a new rule requiring counties to change their policies, California drivers now have the ability to fight their traffic tickets without paying upfront.

Here’s some important information about the new court rule:

  • On Monday June, 8th, the California Judicial Council voted unanimously to allow motorists to fight traffic tickets without paying them first. The rule takes effect immediately.
  • Prior to the rule change, drivers in many counties across the state had to pay fines and fees before they could contest their ticket in court. With various charges added on in recent years, this meant many motorists had to pay nearly $500 for simple infractions like speeding or running a red light before they got the chance to defend themselves in court.
  • According to backers of the new rule - including the ACLU - the “pay first, fight later” system was simply unfair, especially for lower income individuals. Many fees associated with the tickets - such as fees for court construction and a DNA identification fund - also had nothing to do with the alleged infraction.
  • Although the rule change has earned widespread support throughout California, some judges and opponents are concerned that it could lead to more people seeking trials for traffic tickets and increased pressure on overburdened courts.

While the new change relieves financial burdens from drivers accused of violating traffic laws, it doesn’t make it any easier for individuals to defend themselves against the allegations. As such, it becomes important to work with experienced lawyers who can help you avoid fines and fees, points on your license, and other consequences associated with traffic citations.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., our attorneys have helped many individuals after they received traffic tickets. We also maintain an active DMV hearing practice helping clients who need to defend their driving privileges.

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