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Attorney Virginia L. Landry Comments on Orange County Court Scandal in LA Times

The Orange County Superior Court has been at the center of a widely publicized scandal in recent weeks, and Attorney Virginia L. Landry recently provided her insight on the story in an article published in today’s Los Angeles Times.

The scandal - which involves the fixing of roughly 1,000 DUI and traffic court cases - has drawn attention from local residents, the media, and the FBI. Below are some details about what’s happening:

  • OC Superior Court officials have stated that there are about 1,000 DUI and traffic cases dating back to 2010 that were illegally resolved. All cases have been linked to one clerk who recently left their job in recent months. The clerk’s name has not yet been released.
  • In many of the affected cases, charges and penalties were heavily reduced. In some, defendants were never punished. Many attorneys were also linked to clients and cases on court records, despite the fact that they never represented them.
  • Officials are working to correct all affected cases and are continuing to summon defendants and attorneys for re-examination of their situation.
  • An OC public corruption task force and officials from the FBI are investigating the illegal resolutions.

Having represented clients charged with traffic offenses, DUIs, and other criminal offenses throughout Orange County for many years, Attorney Landry was able to provide her take on the situation - telling the Los Angeles Times that attorneys from the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. and other OC defense firms have been called to the court for clients they have never heard of before. It is believed that attorney names were illegally used to make the false resolutions look legitimate.

As OC officials and investigators continue to sort out the debacle, Attorney Landry and our legal team remain intent on fighting for clients who stand accused today. This scandal - while certainly rare - also helps highlight the fact that the criminal justice system is far from perfect, and that anyone who has been charged with a crime needs a seasoned attorney by their side to protect their rights.

You can read the full LA Times article here.