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The Role of Pre-Trial Motions in Criminal Cases

What are pre-trial motions and where do they fit into the criminal court process? Pre-trial motions are handled differently and even at different stages in the criminal process depending on the jurisdiction. The subject of main importance here is how pre-trial motions can benefit criminal proceedings for the defendant.

At The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, we use every legal means possible to secure a successful case outcome for our clients. Often that means utilizing the stage of the process known as pre-trial motions.

It is important to remember that these motions are filed before trial, so the primary objective with these motions is to get various pieces of evidence or testimony excluded from trial. Many Orange County criminal defense attorneys might shy away from filing these types of motions, but we have found they are often successful in helping our clients' cases.

Pre-trial motions can also be successful in beginning plea negotiating. Whether or not a defendant should accept a plea agreement differs from case to case and is highly dependent on the specific circumstances of each case, but in many cases, plea agreements are helpful in securing reduced sentences or even partial dismissal of charges.

Our Orange County criminal lawyers have also come to understand that pre-trial motions can also be a valuable paper trial if initially the defendant is declared guilty but that conviction is later appealed. The more technicalities are raised in the pre-trial stage, the better the chances of winning an appeal.

Your attorney should only file pre-trial motions when they would be beneficial to a case, which requires a certain level of discernment. Our law firm only files these motions when we firmly believe they will benefit our client and the ultimate outcome of the case. To learn more about pre-trial motions and criminal cases, contact our firm!