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Drug Planting Case Against Irvine Attorney Ends in Mistrial

The drug planting case against a local attorney has just ended in a mistrial. The Irvine attorney was charged with assisting his wife by planting drugs in someone else's car for revenge. According to the Orange County Superior Court Judge presiding over the case, the jury deadlocked 11 to 1 in favor of convicting the man.

When a jury cannot come to a unanimous consensus on a verdict, the judge must declare a mistrial. Sometimes, cases that end in mistrial are dropped. In many instances, prosecutors attempt to retry the defendant. The problem in these situations is in finding an unbiased jury, since the general public often knows the details about these cases due to media attention.

Specifically, the charge brought against the Irvine attorney was one felony count of false imprisonment. Allegedly, the man conspired with his wife to falsely accuse a PTA volunteer at their son's school of drug possession as vengeance for failing to bring their son out quickly enough for after school pickup.

The attorney's wife, who allegedly worked with him, pleaded guilty to the charges that were against her for her part in the false imprisonment scheme. She is currently serving 120 days in jail as part of her sentence.

The criminal defense attorney representing the man in this case painted a picture of a "doormat" husband who would do whatever his wife asked him to. Although he participated, claimed the defense, he was acting under duress when he made the fake call to police falsely alleging that the PTA volunteer was driving erratically and under the influence of drugs.