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Orange County Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are court orders and do not equate with criminal charges, although they can lead to criminal charges. In the state of California, County of Orange, there are various different types of restraining and protective orders. In total, there are nine different types of restraining orders, albeit some are more commonly used than others.

First there is the emergency protective order. According to the Superior Court of California (County of Orange), these types of protective orders are granted to individuals who feel as if they are in immediate and present danger. These are short-term protective orders. When individuals file these types of orders, it is also common for them to dial 911 to report the violence or threatening. In this event, recipients of protective orders may also be arrested for domestic violence.

There are also restraining orders specifically for domestic violence. It is fairly easy to file for a domestic violence restraining order, which means that there is likely an excess of people who have had these orders falsely filed against them. Anyone who believes that they are being abused or that they are under threat of abuse can file a domestic violence restraining order against a spouse, significant other, ex or anyone else you are related to.

With most restraining orders, a petitioner will file, it will be served to the Respondent and then there will be a hearing. The hearing will usually take place three weeks after the initial filing. The judge will hear from both sides, Petitioner and Respondent, so that the judge can either grant the permanent order or dismiss the case.

The other types of Orange County restraining orders include civil harassment (ex: stalking), elder abuse, workplace violence, criminal restraining orders, juvenile restraining orders, postsecondary school violence and transitional housing misconduct.

How can an attorney help you if you've had some type of restraining order filed against you? The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry is a criminal defense law firm. Our goal is to help individuals who have been arrested or wrongfully accused of crimes, such as violence or threatening.

Please inquire with our firm about legal representation if you are facing these types of criminal accusations. A restraining order can prevent you from seeing your loved ones, and in some cases force you to move out of your current residence. Protect your reputation and your rights by calling our firm today!