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Man Accused of Sexual Assault in Mall and Church Makes Court Appearance

This Tuesday, a man who is facing sexual assault charges appeared in an Orange County court. He is facing two separate counts of sexual assault. One alleged account took place at a church and another at a mall. The scene of the first alleged sexual assault was a church in Anaheim. The defendant also reportedly stole the victim's vehicle and drove off after their encounter.

In addition to the two sexual assault charges he is facing, the defendant has also been charged with forcible oral copulation, second degree robbery, vehicle theft, evading police and reckless driving. He is also alleged of using a weapon, so he could face additional "use of a deadly weapon" charges. Authorities believe that there may be other victims in the Santa Ana area or elsewhere in Orange County.

This man is facing multiple felony counts, and most of them are violent. Considering this, he could be facing sentencing based on California's three strikes law. The three strikes law was recently amended to only apply to those facing a third violent felony offense, rather than any third felony offense (violent or nonviolent).

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