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Hate Crimes on the Rise in Orange County

In Orange County, reports are showing that hate crimes have increased at a frightening level, up by 14% as compared to the past years where the OC was known for its lower levels of hate crimes. Recently the reports are showing that these hate crimes tending to lean towards those of African American descent, or because of their religious beliefs or sexual preferences. One man shares with the Los Angeles Times that he has never felt more hated by his community; words are being used against him that would send chills down anyone’s spine. This young gay man claims that anytime he would leave the condo that he and his partner lived in he would receive these harsh slurs.

This man had to deal with these constant hate crimes for nine months before the homeowners association forced his neighbors to leave the property. The Orange County Human Relations Commission shares that the hate crimes have increased by 14% in the last year, with 64 crimes being reported in 2011 and the number on the rise this year. They claim that it is likely to the growth of the county, both in size and in diversity. Rusty Kennedy, the head of the commission, claims that he fears that with these growing rates, that there are many that are left unreported, particular within the school systems for boys and girls that are homosexual.

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is being greatly attacked in Orange County and the community fears that their kids aren’t safe in the schools because they are being taunted and bullied by their classmates. The LGBT students aren’t the only ones who are receiving this treatment; the schools are noticing a theme in bullying Jewish students. A common form being that because of the stereotype of Jewish people being wealthy, they throw money at them. The commission claims that many parents have no idea of what is taking place within their schools, because many of these students are too fearful to speak up about their problems.

With the growth of hate crimes in the county, there is also an increase in the accusations of those committing hate crimes, and if this is you, having a strong defense attorney on your side is crucial. Penalties for these convicted of hate crimes may range from bad to worse depending on the severity and uniqueness of each case. A hate crime may be towards anyone with different views that another, sex, religion, race, disabilities, gender, etc. and because of this the United States government takes these crimes very seriously, requiring anyone in authority who witnesses an act to report it to the police. The punishment for these crimes tends to be harsher in the eyes of the law because of the motives that are generally behind these crimes.

Whether you are a student that is being accused of taunting and bullying a classmate or you are a resident in a neighborhood accused of saying harsh words, you still deserve the opportunity to be defended before the court to prove your innocence. Do you know someone who is in a similar predicament? Or have you been accused of these charges? If so, then contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today for more information regarding criminal defense. With years of experience, we want to fight for the rights of our clients who are being accused of a variety of charges. Don’t assume that if you are accused you will spend the rest of your life in jail, choose to fight; and we will help you do that!