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Three Cudahy City Officials Charged with Bribery

In Cudahy, California, three city officials were charged with bribery when it was alleged that they accepted a large sum of money in exchange for approving a medical marijuana dispensary in the town. The men who work in southeast Los Angeles were arrested on Friday. Reporters suppose that the bribery charges are more widespread than merely one case with the medical marijuana dispensary. In fact, documents released in partnership with the criminal complaints say that there are more than 130 pages of wiretapped conversations between officials. The conversations, normally involving trading money for favors that would have been otherwise denied. The LA Times says that this may point to a city that is “rife with corruption.”

The documents show that the officials almost expected bribes in many of their dealings, and they would grant all sorts of illegal favors for cash. As well, the authorities are looking into possible election fraud. The town of Cudahy has never been a well-liked or upstanding subset in Los Angeles, and there is a long history of deception among its authorities. Not long ago, a treasurer stole $20 million from the city fund for his own personal expenses. Another mayor stole $6 million in a contracting scheme regarding city buildings. Another member used the city credit cards, which were solely issued for business matters, at strip clubs.

Another case sent seven administrators and officials to jail when they were found lining their pockets with city funds. The police exist to eradicate these sorts of schemes, and to make sure that citizens have a reliable and respected government working over them. However, in their search for illegal activity, there is time that they come up with the wrong suspects. If you have been convicted of bribery or another white collar crime in the Orange County area, The Law Offices of Virginia Landry, Inc. are here to help. Talk to us today for more information about how to battle your charges.