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Solitary Confinement: The "Bing"

When a New York Daily News reporter wandered the halls of a solitary confinement wing at a New York detention center, he was shocked at what he saw. The inmates were lethargic and depressed, to the point of bad health. The men and women who are put in this wing often become damaged. They can't take the loneliness of their cell, and begin to accumulate neurological illnesses and seizure disorders. In some cases, the solitary confinement patients will develop brain tumors because of their traumatic experiences. Workers at these detention centers often call the solitary confinement ward the "bing." Why is this? One employee at a center told the New York Daily News that it's because when people are sentenced to life in the wing, their minds go "bing."

A doctor at USC told reporters that the criminals placed in these wings normally develop psychological trauma, have serious anxiety and suffer from nervousness issues. They often have horrible headaches, terrorizing nightmares, and nervous breakdowns. One man who used to work in a detention center admits that the amount of solitary confinement patients who committed suicide was very high. Is it right to place people into conditions that bring upon this much pain and suffering? Humans are social creatures, and are not meant to be locked away alone like this.

Sometimes, people who have committed serious violent crimes may be subjected to solitary confinement. If you have been charged with a serious crime, you will want to do everything in your power to prove your innocence. That's why you will need the help of an experienced attorney, like the ones at our firm. Our Orange County criminal defense lawyers will work hard to prove your innocence in court, and give you the best outcome we can at your trial. If you need defense from a team that cares, then contact us on our website.