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James Holmes First Court Appearance for the Colorado Massacre

CNN News reports that James Holmes, accused murderer of the Colorado shootings last Friday morning, sat in his first court hearing with a dazed look washed over his face. Many theories are being formed that this man not only has a few issues, but that he could potentially be a full blown psychopath. It is said that while he sat there during the court hearing he never spoke a word and was always staring blankly at the crowd. Witnesses also note that at times his eyes would close and his head nod off; almost as though he were falling asleep. He is being charged with showing up to the theatre with three different weapons and intent to kill, which resulted in the death of 12 victims and 58 wounded Batman movie viewers. The Colorado authorities also discovered that his home was booby trapped with deadly explosives. When forced to identify himself at the scene of the crime James Holmes responded saying that he was “the Joker”, and appeared to have the same motives of creating chaos in the theater as Joker would have.

Holmes’ defense is pleading that he is a psychopath, and has been suffering from it for a long time now. They also propose the likelihood of being under the influence of some form of drug or medication the night of the massacre. Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr. Mark Levy has explained that the blank expression on Holmes’ face coincides with that of a psychotic break; often it is a response in which a person can then disconnect themselves from reality in order to live out their fantasy, in this case multiple murders. Holmes’ defense attorney claims that they need to take time in this investigation against his client in order to allow the bewilderment phase wear off of Holmes, perhaps leading to further information, believing that mental illness may be the reasoning behind his actions. Others claim to believe that he is playing out his “psychosis” in order to receive sentencing in a mental ward rather than a prison.