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Pedestrian Death in Orange County: Could it be a Suicide?

When you hit someone with your car, the after effects can be terrifying. If you are charged with reckless driving, driving under the influence, or another traffic offense in relation to the accident, then you could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. In California, this offense can be a wobbler. Those who were not under the influence of drugs and alcohol but have still been charged with vehicular manslaughter can be sent to jail for a year under the misdemeanor charge. If you are convicted of a felony charge of vehicular manslaughter, then you can be sent to prison for two to ten years.

When alcohol is involved, then you can be sent to jail for sixteen months, two, or four years per count of manslaughter, and be given an extra three to six year sentence per surviving victim that suffered great bodily harm. Vehicular manslaughter can be due to driving under the influence or an intoxicating substance, or because you were negligent when behind the wheel. Those who cause a fatal crash because of their inability to pay attention to traffic signals and abide by road codes can also be issued this charge.

Vehicular manslaughter is serious, so what happens if you are falsely accused? According to the OC Register, an Orange County resident recently died when he was hit by a car speeding through the streets on Monday morning. The driver of the 2006 silver Infiniti sedan says that a man darted into the street from the crosswalk. The police began to investigate the situation soon after the victim was pronounced dead. They wanted to determine if the driver was being negligent, was under the influence, or was acting in a way that resulted in the death of the pedestrian. Yet there is a chance that the man who darted out in front of the car did so on purpose.

Investigators assume that the man may have wanted to commit suicide, and decided that he could end his life quickly if he ran out into the street. If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter and believe that you are being wrongly accused in a situation similar to this one, then talk to a criminal defense attorney today! A lawyer at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry can help you to combat your charges. We will work hard to gather evidence in your favor and show the courts that you are not being treated justly. By working with us, you may be able to avoid years of jail time. Choose a lawyer that cares and embark on a journey for justice with our firm right now!