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There are no criminal acts that are considered to be as severe as that of homicide. Regardless of whether this is in reference to murder or manslaughter, these types of criminal charges will have the most severe of penalties and will be the most difficult to defend yourself against. If you find that you have been criminally charged, it is in your best interests to get an experienced attorney on your side to help you understand the criminal charges that you are facing so that you can fight to defend yourself.

Understanding Charges of Manslaughter

Legally speaking, manslaughter is much like murder in that it involves the taking of another life. There, however, is a very specific difference in the two criminal charges in that one involves premeditated forethought and the other is considered to be a crime of passion. Manslaughter does not involve a defendant who planned out the act intentionally, rather, the defendant simply acted when provoked or through negligence. The two main different types of manslaughter include the following:

  • Involuntary Manslaughter - It is considered to be "involuntary" should the death have not been intended by the defendant. For example, if the defendant was driving drunk and got into a fatal accident, they can still be charged with homicide, however, it will not be considered to be an intentional act. Similarly, if they were behaving lawfully, albeit recklessly, and accidently caused the death of another, it could fall under this category.
  • Voluntary Manslaughter - When someone is criminally charged with voluntary manslaughter it is because they committed a homicide after being involved in an emotional fight, after being provoked or while in the heat of the moment. Examples of this would include a person who recently was emotionally provoked past the point of reason by a lover or by viewing a loved one victimized by a violent crime such as assault.

It is important to hire an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney if you find yourself facing criminal charges of this nature. There are steps that can be taken to defend your legal rights, but you need a hard-hitting lawyer to help prove that you were indeed provoked or that you were acting in self-defense. Even if you do not believe that you will be able to get the charges dismissed, you need a lawyer that you can trust will help you to fight to get the charges or penalties reduced.

Contact an Orange County manslaughter defense attorney!

Have you been criminally charged with manslaughter? If so, then you do not have the luxury of taking your time. This is a serious crime that will have serious penalties - you therefore need serious defense. At the Law Offices of Virginia Landry, we are fully prepared to help our clients to protect their legal rights to the full extent of our ability. Should you choose to consult with our legal team, you will be able to rest assured knowing that we will invest the necessary time and energy to look into the nuances of your case and to build a case that is the strongest possible.

We strongly believe that success is in the details and we therefore do our utmost to ensure that we do not provide a generic response. Instead, we fight to ensure that our clients have the tailor-made legal representation that they can fully rely upon. If you are facing criminal charges relating to manslaughter, do not hesitate to contact an Orange County manslaughter lawyer from our firm by calling us toll-free today at 866-902-6880.

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