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Theft crimes refer to a number of different criminal charges that involve the taking of another's property without their consent or permission. There are a variety of theft crimes prohibited by California and U.S. law. Generally, theft crimes will range in severity and punishment based on unique factors that include:

  • The value of property taken
  • Whether force or violence was used
  • Whether victims were harmed
  • A defendant's criminal history

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At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., our Orange County criminal defense attorneys have years of experience handling various theft crime cases. Because the stakes are often high for individuals who have been charged with theft crimes, we fight zealously to protect their freedom and secure the best possible results.

Types of Theft Crimes We Handle

Our firm handles all types of theft crime cases, which can generally be classified in two main categories: petty theft and grand theft.

  • Petty Theft - Petty theft involves theft of property that is not valued over a certain amount. Since the passing of California Proposition 47, theft crimes of property valued at less than $900 are usually considered theft crimes. However, aggravating circumstances could lead to these crimes being charges as felonies.
  • Grand Theft - Grand theft involves cases where property stolen is valued at a significant amount, usually more than $900.

Other common theft crime charges our firm can handle include:

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If you or someone you know has been charged with a theft crime in Orange County, taking immediate action and contacting a criminal lawyer from our firm is crucial. Theft crimes are taken seriously by prosecutors and can be viewed negatively by future employers. Protect your future by working with proven criminal defense lawyers.

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