Failure to Pay Fine or Restitution

Orange County Probation Violation Lawyer

According to § 1214 of the California Penal Code, failure to pay court ordered fines or restitution for a criminal offense can constitute a probation violation. If you were accused of a probation violation for this reason, contact The Law Office of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. today.

§ 1214 of the California Penal Code says:

If the judgment is for a fine, including a restitution fine, with or without imprisonment, or a diversion restitution fee ordered pursuant to Section 1001.90, the judgment may be enforced in the manner provided for the enforcement of money judgments generally.

If you fail to pay, the District Attorney may file a motion to take your probation away and impose a jail sentence instead. Ultimately, the court will decide this at a probation violation hearing. If the court affirms your probation violation and upholds the motion to take away your probation, then you can face the maximum penalties for your original criminal charge(s).

What if I cannot afford to pay my fine or restitution?

If you cannot afford to pay your fine or restitution, then you may be able to petition to the court to set up a payment plan. Before you are accused of failure to pay, contact an Orange County criminal lawyer at our firm and we can help you petition for a payment plan. Even if you have already been accused of failure to pay your fine or restitution, we may be able to help you avoid jail.

Contacting an Orange County Criminal Attorney

Contact The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. today to tell us about your case. We represent people facing probation violation hearings. We understand that you do not want to go to jail, and we want to help you avoid that. Call us to learn about your defense options after a failure to pay a fine or restitution allegation.

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