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If you were arrested for a criminal offense, you need a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer on your side. The consequences of a conviction are pervasive and can influence every facet of your personal and professional life. In addition to jail time, fines, and probation, you could face court-ordered treatment. California has initiated several forms of treatment, which are generally ordered along with the terms of your probation. Failing to attend treatment is considered a probation violation and can lead to additional legal complications and penalties.

Types of Court Ordered Treatment in California

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Court (SATC) – Through a program called Project Recovery, SATC provides treatment of individuals accused of serious drug offense or drug-related crimes. SATC allows defendants to waive their right to a jury trial in exchange for their participation in an 18-month substance abuse treatment program with Project Recovery. At the end of the program, the individual may earn dismissal of the charge.
  • The Substance Abuse Crime Prevention Act of 2000 (SACPA) – SACPA is a diversion program through California Proposition 36 that allows nonviolent drug offenders to participate in community-based treatment for substance abuse. Individuals charged with simple drug charges, such as possession or use, may qualify for this program. Defendants, probationers, and parolees may participate in the SACPA program.
  • Multiple Offender Drinking Driver Program – Also known as the SB-38 Program, the Multiple Offender Drinking Drive Program is for individuals convicted of multiple DUIs within seven years. This program involves group counseling (52 hours), bi-weekly one-on-one interviews, and alcohol education (12 hours). In addition to these requirements, the program encourages participants to regularly attend a 12 step meeting.

What happens if I fail to attend treatment?

If you are on probation, failing to attend court order treatment is considered a violation of your probationary terms. If the court believes that you committed a probation violation, you may be subject to other penalties. Additionally, the judge may decide to revoke your order and treatment in exchange for an alternative sentence, such as incarceration.

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