Types of Domestic Violence & Abuse

Domestic violence is a term applied to a set of crimes that all involve violence, abuse, or the threat of violence or abuse between or against members of the same household or family. There are multiple crimes that could be considered a form or domestic violence, such as:

  • Child Abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect committed against a child.
  • Spousal Abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, or neglect committed against one's spouse.
  • Elder Abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, or neglect committed against a senior citizen.
  • Physical Abuse: refers to any type of physical violence done to inflict pain or suffering, such as hitting, kicking, punching, shoving, burning, slapping, whipping, etc.
  • Sexual Abuse: any non-consensual sexual act or activity that is forced or coerced upon the victim for the gratification of the offender. This might include rape, child molestation, statutory rape, fondling, etc.
  • Emotional/Psychological Abuse: this type of abuse is verbal, and is meant to belittle, degrade, intimidate, or manipulate the victim.
  • Financial Abuse: refers to withholding money from the victim, controlling how the victim spends money, or preventing the victim from working or earning their own money. This type of abuse makes it possible for the offender to maintain control and dominance over the victim.
  • Neglect: refers to failing to ensure the victim receives food, clothing, shelter, medical care when needed, and other basic necessities, such as the right to be clean and the right to live in a clean environment.

Charged With Domestic Violence in Orange County?

If you have been accused or charged with any of these crimes, it's in your best interest to contact an Orange County domestic violence defense attorney at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. sooner rather than later. The truth is that police often arrest people on domestic violence charges will little to no evidence backing up the alleged victim's claim. An experienced defense lawyer at our firm can ensure the police did not conduct an unlawful arrest, as well as ensure there is enough evidence to justly press charges. Regardless of the evidence the prosecutor may have against you, you can depend on our dedicated defense team to work relentlessly in fighting your charges to secure a favorable outcome. For experienced and proven defense, contact our firm online or by phone at 866-902-6880.

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