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California's Drug Courts

Were you recently arrested for possession or another drug offense in Orange County? If so, we want to tell you about California’s Drug Courts and how they may be of interest to you. Before we ...
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3 Possible Outcomes of a Criminal Case

If you’re facing criminal charges for the first time in Orange County, we want to go over a few things you should know, including the three possible outcomes of a criminal case. For starters, ...
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About California's Drug Courts

You’ve probably heard people complain about the penalties for drug possession offenses: “Jail doesn’t help. What these people really need is rehabilitation. Drug possession is a sign ...
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Misdemeanors vs. Felonies in California

In criminal law, there are state and federal crimes. State laws are enacted by state legislatures, whereas federal laws are created by Congress. Here in California, when you break a state law, ...
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Penalties for Drug Possession in California

Are you facing drug possession charges in Orange County, or anywhere else in California? If so, and this is your first drug offense, you’re probably wondering, “What types of penalties am ...
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Californians Celebrate Marijuana Legalization

As Orange County criminal defense attorneys, we’ve been defending clients against marijuana-related offenses for a long time. On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, California voters made history when ...
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Penalties for Marijuana Possession in California

Marijuana is all over the news and for good reason. In recent years, marijuana has been found to help all kinds of medical conditions naturally, including: anorexia, cancer, chronic pain, HIV or Aids, ...
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The Move Toward Drug Crime Reform & What is Means in the Criminal Justice System

Recently, there has been much discussion regarding drug crime reform. In fact, three individuals running for the 2016 presidential election have declared their support for such change: United States ...
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Are You Eligible for Resentencing Under Proposition 47?

This past Tuesday, November 4 th was the Midterm Elections, and aside from the political power plays which dominated the news, several important Propositions were passed in California. One of these ...
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California Proposition 47: Criminal Justice Reform

Tuesday, November 4 th is California's General Election, a time when voters will be electing legislative officials and choosing to support or oppose several statewide ballot measures. If ...
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Drug Planting Case Against Irvine Attorney Ends in Mistrial

The drug planting case against a local attorney has just ended in a mistrial. The Irvine attorney was charged with assisting his wife by planting drugs in someone else's car for revenge. According ...
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Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Avoiding the Law?

Recently, the Supreme Court of California ruled that individual cities have the power to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries. According to a recent press release, California Supreme Court held ...
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