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About California Firearms Restraining Orders

Are you a gun enthusiast? Or, do you live in a part of Orange County where you feel it’s necessary to own firearms in order to protect your family and your home? In either case, your right to ...
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About Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Were you recently arrested for domestic violence in Orange County? If so, the person who is accusing you of abusing them can ask the court for a domestic violence restraining order against you. If ...
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What Constitutes Domestic Violence in California?

Domestic violence charges are not taken lightly in California. Investigators and prosecutors look at each case and exhaust all of the details. It is not enough to point the finger at someone for ...
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What Is a Domestic Violence Charge?

Enforcement of domestic violence laws has become a top priority for law enforcement officers throughout Orange County and the state of California. Although many people have been led to believe that ...
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Domestic Assault Charges

Orange County domestic assault charges are taken very seriously and can result in lifetime consequences - even for misdemeanor charges. Domestic violence charges do not require physical touching. You ...
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Orange County Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are court orders and do not equate with criminal charges, although they can lead to criminal charges. In the state of California, County of Orange, there are various different types ...
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Understanding California's Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence in California includes intentional or reckless domestic assault, sexual assault, threatening harm, harassment, stalking, or other forms of disturbing the peace between two people in, ...
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Chad Johnson Sentenced to One-Year on Probation for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime and comes with consequences. Often a husband with an anger problem or a child with a temper can be accused of domestic violence. Most people forget that they are ...
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