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14 Year Old Girl Arrested For Killing Her Newborn Baby

Celebrating a new life can be an exciting time for any family that is expecting a baby, ready to welcome it into the world. However, when a young girl is pregnant it is not uncommon for them to fear the reaction of their own parents, and will do whatever they can to cover up their pregnancy, or even act as though it never happened by getting an abortion. While no girl wants to every face the wrath of their parents when they had sex at a young age, most will do so and weather the consequences.

That’s not what a 14 year old girl from Greenbrier Village in Florida decided to do. After hiding her 9 months of pregnancy from her family, this 5 foot 3 inches girl gave birth to her baby in the bathroom at her home. Cassidy Goodison gave birth all alone on September 19, concealing the sounds of her birth by biting on a towel and running the bath water in the room. Her baby boy was healthy and 9.5 pounds, and after he was born she did something that is hard for any person to imagine.

Reports say that Cassidy choked her little boy to death and then placed his dead body in a shoe box and hid it inside her dirty laundry basket, for days. Her mother soon found the mess of blood in the bathroom and the young girl stated that she had a miscarriage and accidently flushed it down the toilet. The mother took her daughter to the hospital, and they discovered that she did have lacerations around her vaginal well from giving birth to the baby and they treated her.

The daughter still hadn’t done anything with the fetus corpse, and soon the mother realized a very foul smell was coming out of her daughter’s room. Three days after the birth, the mother then found not only her daughters bloody clothes, but also the dead baby in her daughter’s laundry hidden in the shoe box. The autopsy claimed that the baby was killed while in perfect health, and he was indeed killed by strangulation as well as blunt force trauma.

Cassidy Goodison was arrested and is now being tried as an adult before the court for first degree murder of her newborn child as well as aggregated child abuse. She will stay in a juvenile detention center until her court hearing. According to her mother, her daughter wore a lot of baggy clothes around the house, and while other family members had brought up the possibility of pregnancy the mother continued to deny the possibility. If you or someone you know has been accused of murder, it is imperative to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry we have years of experience, and are ready to help defend you!

Categories: Murder, Child Abuse
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