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Congress Strikes Down Parts of Arizona Immigration Law

For the millions of illegal immigrants in America, nothing seems certain. When Arizona passed intense, highly strict immigration laws in the state, it altered the lives of thousands and sent many Hispanic employees fleeing the state. In Arizona and Alabama, laws stated that it was just for a police officer to pull over a person just because they looked “suspicious” of violating immigration laws. If they were undocumented, these individuals could be arrested on the spot. Along with other provisions on employment and schooling, Arizona and Alabama became known as the states with the toughest immigration policies in the U.S.

Now, the Supreme Court has decided that the federal government is the only entity with the power to enforce immigration laws. Therefore, they killed three of the provisions in Arizona’s illegal alien crackdown. According to the LA Times, the police in Alabama are still allowed to demand a person’s immigration documents when they commit any crime from a murder to a traffic violation. However, the police are not allowed to place them in “prolonged detention” after they fail to present their documents.

The Supreme Court also determined that it is not a state crime for illegal immigrants to seek work, nor is it illegal for them to walk around without their immigration papers on their person. Before this ruling, Alabama declared that both of these things were illegal and punishable. The courts still allow that any person who has been charged with a serious crime can be arrested and this may lead to deportation. This is a part of Obama’s agenda to only deport the criminals and harmful immigrants in our nation, rather than the innocent and hardworking individuals. If you have been convicted of illegal entry into the country, you need an attorney's help. Immigration laws are constantly changing under the Obama Administration, so you will want someone who is adequately briefed on these charges to represent you in court. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Orange County for more information.

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